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A Little Bit About Us

Hey there!  We're the McClelland family.  My name is Laura, and my husband, Gregg, and I have two kids.  We've always had a huge love for animals, especially dogs.  I (Laura) grew up raising golden retrievers and we just love everything about the breed - except for the high shedding coat.  When researching an allergy-friendly dog for our family almost 14 years ago, we were ecstatic to find the goldendoodle.  We brought our first goldendoodle, Allie, home in 2010 and she was the perfect dog for our family.  She was smart, easy to train, great with our children, and we didn't have to deal with fur all over the place.  We knew then and there that we wanted to breed doodles so that others could experience the joy of owning one of these real-life teddy bears!    

At times our waiting list can seem a little long, but this is because we do not mass produce puppies. We are not dog dealers and we do not sell to them.  If a breeder has a lot of puppies available at all times, they might be a dog dealer or a puppy mill.  There are several dealers in this area who are made up of a network of breeders and you never get to see the facility they're raised in or meet the actual breeders.  All of our puppies are family-raised and get the love and attention they deserve.  We only have a few litters at a time because we like to be able to watch the pups closely and get to know each one.  Our kids enjoy helping out too so we have plenty of hands ready to love on puppies!

A few years ago we purchased a home with several acres of land and a pond.  We love it here and our dogs have plenty of room to roam around and play.  My parents live right beside of us and are a big help with our puppies and dogs.  We also have ducks, chickens, a cat, and a goat!


Our family puts a lot of time, energy, and most of all, love into our puppies.  High-quality food, health testing, vet care, cleaning/maintenance, and purchasing top of the line moms/dads for our program can all add up, however we hope to offer high-quality puppies that receive exceptional care, at a price that's reasonable for families.   We fully understand how the expenses of life can quickly add up, but we also want families to have the opportunity to enjoy owning a doodle.  Some of the prices out there on doodles are extremely high!  We try to keep our prices on the low end and offer discounts from time to time.  We would rather you invest the extra money on training and care for your pup.  


All of our moms and dads live here with us or in loving, carefully chosen guardian homes.  We make sure they have great temperaments and we do genetic and coat testing through PawPrint Genetics.  We also raise our puppies on the popular "Puppy Culture" program.  It includes ENS training, stress responses, teaching important skills, problem solving, and so much more!  You can read more about it here

We really enjoy working with families and getting to know them before they take their puppy home.  Our website has a lot of helpful info we have learned throughout the years, but we are always happy to try to answer additional questions you might have. We understand the commitment of bringing home a new puppy. 


We want families to get the puppy who will fit in comfortably with their family.  We assist in picking out puppies and we perform temperament testing to get an idea of each puppy's personality.  This puppy will hopefully be a part of your family for many years to come! 


Go home day is bittersweet for us.  Being present at birth and raising them for 8 weeks, really creates a special bond with these puppies.  We always say that no matter how many litters we have, go home day will always be a little sad, but we are always super excited for the families so we focus on that!  We love to receive updates and watch the puppies grow throughout the years.  We enjoy having McClelland Doodle Family Romps (doodle reunions) here on our land!


At McClelland Doodles, we take dogs very seriously.  Our number one goal as breeders is to raise happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies.  Being a breeder is a mission to us.  We truly get excited for all of the families and want to make the experience of welcoming a new puppy into their home as fun, memorable, and smooth as possible.   When you welcome one of our puppies into your home, you will always be a part of our family!

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