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What are the steps to purchase a puppy?



1. Fill out an application.


When submitting your application, you can put the litter/s you prefer and we'll email you once your preferred litter/s have arrived.  Please let us know if you're open to any and we'll email you with every litter.  You can change your preference at anytime while on the main wait list. 

Click here to fill out an application!

We'll let you know within 2-3 days if your application is approved.  


Please wait for approval before placing a deposit. 

2Place a deposit.  


 (1) Please read and sign our non-refundable deposit agreement.


 (2) Place your $300 deposit which will hold your spot on our main wait list or a spot/puppy on an individual pick list.


Ways to place your deposit:

  • the PayPal link on our website which can be found here

  • Venmo to @mcclellanddoodles

  • a Zelle payment to

  • mail a check (address provided upon application approval)


Once you're on a list, don't forget to join our private Facebook group - McClelland Doodle Family! 

3. A litter is born.  

Once a litter is born, we'll post pictures, updates, videos, and info on our website and Facebook.  We'll begin making a litter's pick list when puppies are 2-3 weeks old.  By this time, puppies will have opened their eyes and we'll have a better idea of coat colors, textures, markings, etc.  Also, if there's another litter born during this time, you'll have the opportunity to choose which list you'd rather be on.


At 2-3 weeks old, we'll send out an email to the first few families (in order) on our main wait list who are either open or have preferred this litter and we'll continue to work our way down the list.  Please remember to check your email and junk folder so you don't miss out!  You'll need to decide within the designated time frame (usually 24 hours) if you'd like to be placed on that litter's pick list.

We'll open a certain number of female and male spots.  You'll need to let us know at this time which gender you would like.


If you decide you'd like to be placed on the pick list, you'll be asked to sign our puppy contract and health guarantee.   


Important things to keep in mind:


You can only be on one pick list at a time.  Please make sure the go home time frame works for you.  We can occasionally hold puppies for $20/day, however this will be on a case-by-case basis.  If there's not a puppy (color, gender, etc) that you desire or if the timing doesn't work for you, you will need to wait for a future litter. 


If you're wanting a specific color but have a later pick spot, you'll need to wait for another litter.  (For example if you are wanting a red puppy with white markings and there are only 2 and you have 7th pick)  Waiting until go home day to see if you get a certain color (when your chances are low) would take that opportunity away from someone else.  


*We ask that you feel confident in a litter before confirming your spot on that pick list.  Once placed on an individual pick list, your name will be removed from our main wait list.  To be placed back on our main wait list, you'll need to place another deposit (which will also go towards the total purchase price) and you'll be added to the end of the main wait list.

We send out weekly "pupdates" starting at 4 weeks with detailed info as the puppies grow!

4. Final payment is due.


Final balance must be paid before taking your puppy home.  

Cash : You're welcome to bring cash at pick up. 


Check :  No checks after 6 weeks. 

Venmo : Send payment to @mcclellanddoodles.  

PayPal : Send payment to  Please make sure to cover any fees.

ZELLE : Send payment to


You're welcome to send payments until paid in full, but please do so before pick up

5. Pick out and take your puppy home. 

When puppies are around 8 weeks old, families will get to pick out and take their puppy home - all in the same day!


Before going home, puppies will have had 3 dewormings (Canine PPM-2 dewormer), their first set of shots (DHPP + Canine Coronavirus), a microchip, and a thorough health examination from our vet -  Lineberger Veterinary Hospital (704-824-8451)


We'll send them home with a goody bag that will have their shot record, food, treats, a bully stick, microchip info, and a toy or blanket that smells like mom and siblings. 


We assist families in picking out their puppies and we perform temperament testing to help them get a peek at each puppy's personality.  This will be a combination of the Volhard PAT and what we, as the breeders, have observed.  We'll send out the results of the temperament testing the week before take-home day.  Each week leading up to take-home day, families will receive a "pupdate" with info on the puppies as they grow to help make choosing their puppy a little bit easier.  


We'll schedule puppy pick and go home day in pick order - no exceptions.  Families will have a 30 min time slot to meet us, pick out their puppy, ask questions, etc.  If you can't make it to your scheduled time slot and need to pick up at a different time, you'll need to pick virtually.    

~Virtual Pick~

If you can't make it to your time slot on puppy pick and go home day, you'll pick virtually.  We'll send out a video the week of go home day which will show all of the puppies playing and interacting and we'll explain coat type, color, temperament assessment, etc.  You'll rank your choices and let us know before go home day.  For example, if you have 5th pick, you'll give us your top 5 choices.  


*Important* Your puppy will need to go to the vet within 3 days of pick up - no exceptions - in order for the health guarantee to be valid.  This means if you take home on a Saturday, your puppy will need to be seen by a vet by Tuesday.  Vets can get booked up quickly so it's a good idea to go ahead and get that appointment scheduled!


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