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We want all of our dogs to live a happy life as members of a family and have the love and attention they deserve. For this reason, we only have a few of our dogs living in our home and the rest of our breeding dogs live in approved guardian homes. These homes are very carefully chosen. 


It's a fairly simple program.  The puppy will grow up in his or her guardian home as a beloved family pet. We pay for all expenses related to breeding and reimburse for wellness visits and routine vaccines if using our vet of choice*.  Females will come to us beginning around 18-24 months to be bred and then again to have her puppies.  We will send lots of photos of the puppies to the guardian family and they will be able to come visit the puppies around 6 weeks old.  Families of females receive $250 for each litter produced as a "thank you" for their patience while their girl is away.  Males come for an occasional "playdate/honeymoon" no earlier than a year old and once all health testing has been completed. Once she or he has finished their breeding career (usually 3-4 litters, may be more for males), we will pay for her/him to be spayed/neutered and they will reside permanently with their family they've always known.   Being a guardian home can be a wonderful way to have a top of the line, health tested, family pet for a reduced cost.  It is a rewarding experience in which families play a huge role in providing others with the joy of owning a puppy!

*Updated as of 5/2022

Current opportunities

None at this time

If you have read over the contract and feel you are a good fit, please fill out a puppy application and specify you're interested in a guardian home.

Guardian Deposit - $500 (this is the only amount due)


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